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Supporting You During the Divorce Process

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Earnshaw have over 30 years experience with helping clients in Harford County, Maryland whose marriage has taken a downward turn. When money, property and children are involved, you need an attorney who will listen and be your ally during this difficult time. If you are facing a divorce, your mind is likely overwhelmed with questions regarding the protection of your assets, prenuptial agreements, child custody and more.

At the Law Offices of Daniel J. Earnshaw, we are committed to helping you seek closure to your marriage in the most respectful and dignified way possible. We understand that your case is unique and understand what is at stake.

Two Types of Divorce in Maryland

In the State of Maryland, you can seek out a divorce in one of two ways:

Absolute Divorce
Also known as “Fault Divorce”, happens when a couple files for permanent divorce on the premise of fault. Once the decree of absolute divorce is entered, the parties are free to remarry. Neither party can automatically inherit property or assets from the other. Jointly owned property or assets during the marriage is automatically equally owned by both parties.


Limited Divorce
A limited divorce is also referred to as a “Legal Separation” and is not a permanent divorce. Both parties are still legally married, but do not live together. In this case, there are no existing grounds for absolute divorce. Couples in this situation may opt for a limited divorce if they rely on their spouse for financial relief or are not able to settle their differences on their own.

Learn more about the grounds and implications of Absolute and Limited Divorce in Maryland.

Choose Daniel Earnshaw As Your Ally

Our promise to you is to understand your goals and priorities and handle every aspect of your case with the upmost care. We will walk you through the legal process and help guide you to making the best, informed choices based on your unique situation. We will never lose sight on what is best for your and your children.
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"When another driver passed out and went through a stop sign and slammed into my vehicle, I was very seriously injured, including suffering permanent hearing loss due to the airbag deployment. The insurance company for the other driver denied liability, stating that the accident was due to an unexpected medical event. I thought all was lost, but Mr. Earnshaw would not accept 'no' for an answer.

He kept at it and was able to prove that the other driver had several physical ailments known to her and that she should not have been driving the vehicle. The insurance company’s lawyer fought us in spite of this and Mr. Earnshaw took it to court. A jury ruled in my favor and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome."

- N. L., Belcamp, Maryland