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Pedestrian Accidents

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When it comes to travel, everyone shares the same responsibility to abide by the law and act in a safe manner. Those who travel by automobile, however have a greater obligation to the safety of those around them. For pedestrians, an accident involving a vehicle can result in severe and fatal injuries.

At the Law Offices of Daniel J. Earnshaw, we offer over 30 years of experience protecting the rights of pedestrians in Harford County, Maryland and beyond. We will fight to protect your rights and get the medical compensation you deserve. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Pedestrian accidents have become common. In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reported an average of 76,000 pedestrians suffered severe injuries due to being struck by a motor vehicle.

Common Pedestrian Accidents

  • Falling Debris — Falling debris from construction sites or commercial zones could pose as a hazard for pedestrians if there are no warning signs.
  • Auto Accident — Accidents involving pedestrians caused nearly 76,000 people to be injured nation-wide in 2012. Speeding cars, ignoring traffic signals, distracted while driving, driving under the influence are all hazardous behaviors that could severely injure pedestrians.

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“I was involved in a most serious accident, where I had to be pulled from a burning vehicle. I was shocked when Mr. Earnshaw got the police report which indicated the accident was my fault. Mr. Earnshaw believed me, consulted with a crash expert and demanded that the police conduct a second investigation.

As a result, the policeman admitted he had made mistakes in the report and a new report was issued. He then went on to file suit when the insurance company wouldn’t settle, go through the litigation process and obtain a great settlement before the trial date. I would recommend Mr. Earnshaw to anyone who is involved in an accident or Worker’s Compensation case.”

- M. T., Bel Air, Maryland